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The Center for Genomic Technologies

About the Center
The Center for Genomic Technologies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem serves as a National Research and Service Laboratory dedicated to the several approaches for detecting DNA variations. It provides DNA analysis services to all academic, medical and biotechnological communities in Israel, in the fields of diagnostics, agriculture, genetic diseases, drug development and gene therapy, on a cost-recovery basis. 

Scientific director:   Dr. Sagiv Shifman

Facility director:       Michal Bronstein Ph.D
Technicians:            Meira Shlepakov, M.Sc
                              Ida Giguzin, M.Sc
                              Marina Mordechaishvili, B.Sc
                              Adi Turjeman, M.Sc.
Genomic Services:

    • Microsatellite genotyping

  • RNA and DNA qualification and quantification


The Center bases its work on the following instrumentations:



Center for Genomic Technologies

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