Demonstration of Labchip GXII in the Interdepartmental Instrumentation Facility

Date & Time
09/01/2020 - 11:00
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Interdepartmental Instrumentation Facility
The Labchip GXII is based on a single sipper micro-capilary elctrophoresis system to rapidly characterize protein samples.
Protein samples (up to 384 in one run) are automatically stained, destained, electrophoretically separated and analyzed in just few seconds per sample!!!
Analysed data provides a full proteins profile: individuals protein concentration, molecular weight sizing, % purity, Glycans content and and Charge Variant analysis.
Only 2 µL sample is required.  Limit of detection – 0.4ng (ProteinExact kit)
DNA&RNA samples can be run as well using different chips & reagents. Labchip GXII is Replacing Agarose gels for PCR products separation, NGS libraries analysis, RNA purity and more…