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Welcome to The Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Science

Welcome to the Institute of Life Sciences

Biological research is vital to the advancement of many areas of life – medicine, agriculture, environment, industry, education, public policy and contributes to the welfare of human society.
We at the Institute of Life Sciences are partners in this effort (read about our Research Groups) and stand at the forefront of world research (see Prizes & Honors as well as Research Innovations).
Our scientific work combines basic research with practical aspects. Our research deals with a variety of processes and mechanisms, while integrating and linking the various organizational levels in the animal and plant world (see the Dissertation Topics we offer you).
Our close proximity to leading researchers in chemistry, physics, earth sciences, mathematics and computer science enables us to create unique and innovative interdisciplinary collaborations and to offer you a variety of Study Programs.
We will introduce you to the intellectual challenges and creativity in the field of life sciences and expose you to critical and creative thinking, thus preparing you for the variety of Employment Opportunities of the 21st century.

Research News

Prof. Sagiv Shifman and Ms. Shahar Shohet - genes essential for embryonic stem cells are associated with neurodevelopmental disorders
Chromosome X silencing
Prof. Nissim Benvenisty and Ms. Shiran Bar study chromosome X silencing in human stem cells
Prof. Guy Bloch reveals: bumble bee workers sleep less while caring for young

Worker bees tending pupae sleep 80% less than other bees do, even when caring for offspring that aren't their own.

Dr. Itamar Harel
Dr. Itamar Harel talks about models of vertebrate aging and age-related diseases

Dr. Itamar Harel talks about models of vertebrate aging and age-related diseases:

Prof. Carmel presents his results
Prof. Liran Carmel uses ancient DNA to put a face on the mysterious Denisovans


A worm on the shrink's couch
Dr. Zaslaver and Dr. Eliezer reveal: worms suffer from PTSD too

The ability to anticipate the future is key to the survival of all living things.  Like humans, worms are capable of forming associative memories—t


Plant & Environmental Sciences, Weekly seminar
Bio Club, Weekly seminar
Biological Chemistry, special seminar

Student Announcements


Dr. Michal rabani
For receivng ERC Starting Grant 2019
Mr. Rotem Ruach
On being awarded the Selected Excelling Article - SMART January - June, 2019
Ms. Shiran Bar
On being awarded the Selected Excelling Article - SMART January - June, 2019
Prof. Emeritus Uriel Safriel
For receivng the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Israeli Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 2019
Prof. Aharon Oren
For receivng an honorary doctorate from the Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania
Prof. Aharon Oren
On his appointment as Editor in chief of the International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes

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