Research Innovations


Professor Michal Linial Prof. Michal Linial presents a cell-based probabilistic approach to unveil the concerted action of miRNAs.
Prof. Marshall Devor Prof. Marshall Devor suggests a new mechanism underlying general anaesthesia
Prof. Shimshon Belkin Prof. Belkin presents a smartphone-based whole-cell array sensor for detection of antibiotics in milk
Dr. Dror Hawlena Prof. Hawlena and Mr. Sagi present - the desert isopod : the cleanliness trustee of the Negev
Prof. Hermona Soreq Prof. Hermona Soreq reveals sex-related differences in patho-mechanisms related to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
Prof. Liran Carmel A paer by prof. Liran Carmel one of Science 12 options for breakthrough of the year
Dr. Oren Kolodny Dr. Oren Kolodny explains why did Moderns replace Neanderthals and not vice versa, and what took them so long
Prof. Sagiv Shifman Prof. Sagiv Shifman and Ms. Shahar Shohet - genes essential for embryonic stem cells are associated with neurodevelopmental disorders
Prof. Guy Bloch Prof. Guy Bloch reveals: bumble bee workers sleep less while caring for young
Professor Nissim Benvenisty Prof. Bebvenisty uses stem cells to elucidate the genetic need for parents from both sexes
Ms. Shiran Bar Prof. Nissim Benvenisty and Ms. Shiran Bar study chromosome X silencing in human stem cells
Prof. Liran Carmel Prof. Liran Carmel uses ancient DNA to put a face on the mysterious Denisovans
Dr. Itamar Harel Dr. Itamar Harel talks about models of vertebrate aging and age-related diseases
Dr. Alon Zaslaver Dr. Zaslaver and Dr. Eliezer reveal: worms suffer from PTSD too
Dr. Yonatan Tzur The biological clock of fertility - Dr. Yonatan Tzur tries to set it
Prof. Guy Bloch How to make different bees from similar genomes - Prof. Guy Bloch explains
Prof. Sagiv Shifman How do mutations in the same gene lead to diverse brain disorders - Prof. Sagiv Shifman
Professor Nissim Benvenisty Autism, mental retardation and chromosome X - a study led by Prof. Nissim Benvenisty and Mr. Dan Vershkov
Prof. Michal Goldberg Prof. Michal Goldberg has identified a drug that reduces cancerous tumors and also kills cancer stem cells




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