Devor Marshall

Prof. (Emeritus) Marshall Devor
Pain & Anesthesia Research Laboratory
Cell & Developmental Biology

Research Interests

Plasticity in the somatosensory system in mammals. Neural mechanisms whereby injury provokes sensory dysfunction and chronic pain. Pathophysiology of injured nerve and abnormal impulse generation. Synaptic reorganization in the brain and spinal cord after peripheral nerve injury. Regeneration and collateral sprouting of injured nerve fibers. Animal models of chronic pain states and pain relief. Heritability of chronic pain. Neural mechanisms of loss of pain response and of consciousness in general anesthesia.

Dissertation Topics

  1. Neural basis of pain-free surgery
  2. Brainstem control of arousal and consciousness
  3. Neural pathways for transition to unconsciousness in anesthesia
  4. Spinal processes in anesthesia: analgesia and atonia  
  5. Sleep, fainting and coma. 
Prof. Marshall Devor


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