Moshe (Muki) Nagari

Dr. Moshe (Muki) Nagari

Personal Information

Research Interests

The aim of my study is to understand how the social environment regulates the circadian rhythms and sleep of individual worker bees (honeybees and bumblebees) and how this regulation may benefit the colony.
My research projects include:
  1. The effect of different brood stages (larvae and pupae) on the circadian rhythms and  sleep of both honeybee and bumblebee nurses.
  2. The involvement of brood pheromones in affecting the circadian rhythms and sleep of nurse honeybees and bumblebees 
  3. The involvement of the worker antennae in mediating the brood effects on circadian rhythms of nurse honeybees.
  4. The effect of the worker task on circadian regulation over antennal sensitivity to odors in honeybees
  5. The importance of social cues in the colony in synchronyzing the circadian clocks of nurse bees.


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