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Prof. (Emeritus) Micha Spira
Neuronal Networks

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Research Interests

Nutritional plasticity, a multidisciplinary approach to study the mechanis- ms underlying long-term neuronal and synaptic remodeling. The cellular, molecular and biophysical mechanisms underlying growth cone formation, navigation of neurites, target recognition, synapse formation and neuronal network construction in development, regeneration and simple forms of learning and memory processes. Development of neuron-electronic hybrid systems.

Dissertation Topics

Sponsored by the USA National Institute of Health (NIH) our multidisciplinary laboratory is developing breakthrough nano-/micro-platforms to analyze the entire electrophysiological signaling repertoire of neuronal networks in culture and in freely behaving rodents. Our multidisciplinary research includes:

  1. Device fabrication (in vitro and in vivo chips) in the Nano-Science center.
  2. Analysis/ characterization of neuronal network activities by multielectrode arrays (MEA)  and calcium imaging.
  3. Structural/ morphological characterizations of the interfaces formed between neurons and the MEA (Immuno-labeling, transmission and scanning  electron microscopy). 
  4. Development of surface chemistry to facilitate interfacing neurons and sensors. 


Prof. Micha Spira


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